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Jetboil – Finest Cooking System For Outdoors

The least liked aspect of life in the outdoors was the cooking. Imagine having to lug cumbersome cooking stoves and vacuum flasks to a snowy mountain top and then trying to rustle up a meal in that kind of temperature and pressure. Chances are you came close to chucking the stove down the mountain side. This was until Jetboil came along.

The founders of jetboil realized that the key to convenient cooking in the outdoors is efficient heat transfer which was very difficult with conventional equipment. The very ‘raison d ‘etre’’ of Jetboil equipment is to simplify mobile cooking.

The new Helios system from Jetboil for instance comes with 2L FluxRing pot with neoprene cozy, pot support burning base push button igniter assembly, fuel can stabilizer, snap on windscreen, lid and bottom covers that can be used as plates.  There is also an optional 3 liter pot. The fuel is sold separately. Talk about utility stuff.

Then there is the very useful Personal Cooking System or PCS, which comes with a 1 liter Flux King cooking cup and insulating cargo cozy, a push button igniter and adjustable burner, an insulating drink through lid, and an insulating measuring cup bottom. This is perfect for coffee or tea while on the move or even a dehydrated meal. It is lightweight weighing, about a pound and can be easily held in your hand.

The piece de’ resistance is the Group Cooking System, the GCS. This consists of a 1.5 liter FluxRing pot with insulating cozy and fold out handles, a push button igniter and adjustable burner, insulating lid and bottom cover, quick lock universal pot support and canister stabilizer. Fuel is sold separately.

The introduction of the Jetboil Personal Cooking System in 2004 had created quite a stir at that time. An integrated pot-stove unit with a super efficient heat exchanger, it represented a revolution of sorts in the outdoor stoves universe. In fact it won several awards too, including from Outside and Backpacker. Most reviewers agreed that it was extremely convenient, very fast and easily performed way better as compared to other stoves in windy conditions. What more would a backpacker want?

All in this entire product is a huge step forward in backpack cooking. The combination of simplicity and functionality is superb. You can have a hot drink and a decent meal in not more than eleven minutes. Why you do not even have to get out of the tent to fix a meal.

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With this stove you can be a little more adventurous with the food, the next time you go camping in a group. You can easily rustle up eggs, rice and anything that can come out of a pan.

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