January 22, 2016 todd

Paradise Park Trail, Mt Hood Oregon

Spent a few days climbing up Mt Hood along the Zigzag River to camp in some stunning alpine meadows this past August. If anyone wants to be wowed by some surreal beauty I highly recommend this hike and do make time for at least a couple nights up there as its truly a beautiful inspiring display of Gods art work. Here are a few images I shot while up there and I will be back, its worth another trip up.

You can get there from Timberline Lodge along the PCT heading North or the way I went which was from the lower Zigzag River and a good climb for carrying 50lbs of gear (ouch), but well worth it. I have included the map below (PDF) if you would like to follow the same path I did. If you are going to do it towards the end of summer just know you will consume a lot of water on this hike, so be prepared.



Paradise Park Trail Info #778

Paradise Park Trail Map #778